Truck Mini Fleet


TFP Truck Mini Fleet provides cover for truck fleets, which can include non-trucks, of 3 to 18 vehicles. The policy offers 'corporate' level benefits for smaller operators.

Risks Covered

  • Haulage, own goods or both
  • Established 3 years and over
  • Operates 3 to 18 vehicles
  • Can include some vans, private cars and special types
  • All truck body types
  • Risk management of vehicles and drivers
  • Acceptable claims or an improving trend
  • Hazardous goods or locations considered
  • Existing CCTV that meets requirements or            supportive of new CCTV cameras

Corporate Style Benefits

  • Vision Track VT2000 - client pays VAT only
  • Upgrade options; available with Vision Track
  • 2 year fixed rate
  • Low claims rebate
  • Trailer cover for attached and detached
  • European territorial limits
  • Claims charter
  • Replacement truck for non-fault accidents
  • Unique "Yes Claim Bonus" benefits
  • Physio & Psychological employee support cover

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